Monthly Archives: March 2014

Ladies Day in Surrey

We started up Rapid Time Networks Surrey about a month ago.  Since then we have seen a steady number of people at our meetings.  We have been getting a great mix of RTN members and guests.  A lot of the previous guests are now members and are bringing out guests of their own.  Last meeting we had our first theme meeting.  Ladies’ Day was quite a successful event.

What was Ladies’ Day?

On Thursday March 27th we had 4 amazing ladies schedule themselves to present at our RTN Surrey meeting. Continue reading Ladies Day in Surrey

Welcome to Surrey Networking

Surrey Networking

Welcome to our new Surrey Networking website and blog.  The reason that we are doing this website and blog are twofold.  The main reason we started this is because we recently started a Rapid Time Networks Community in North Surrey.  The second reason is that we also do other networking in Surrey as well and we would like to promote them too. Continue reading Welcome to Surrey Networking