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Friday Networking in White Rock


I took the long drive down to White Rock last Friday to attend the White Rock Connect 250 network meeting. Keven and I try to make it out to this network every three or four weeks. This is a great group of entrepreneurs, about half of them we’ve know for a few years, and there is a constant mix of new people coming through.

Today I met Cindy Small a certified Light Therapist. She treats peoples ailments with light. Like many alternate medicines, this may seem a little odd at first; however, Continue reading Friday Networking in White Rock

Mothers Day Madness

Mothers Day Madness Program

Our last meeting of April we held our Mothers Day Madness.  We had 4 of our vendors who all have products or services that would make great Mothers Day gifts.  Before the Mothers Day Madness Vendor Presentations started, Robert Shular opened the meeting with his little networking tip of the week.

This week we talked about Meetup and the amazing exposure you could get, if you use it properly.  But of course you have to manage it properly Continue reading Mothers Day Madness

Video Day in Surrey

Happy Birthday Shawn - Video Day in Surrey
Happy Birthday Shawn


Sorry for the delay in getting this blog post about our Video Day in Surrey out to you.  With the long weekend, I was pretty well unplugged since the meeting.

Last Thursday we had quite the meeting in Surrey.  We decided to do something that we very rarely do and change up the program ever so slightly.  Instead of having our normal 4 vendor presentations,  we only had 2.  Not because we couldn’t fill the spots but because we had a special presentation by one of our platform partners. Continue reading Video Day in Surrey

Canadian Anti-Spam Law


I sat in on a great presentation this morning by George Greenwood at the Surrey & Langley Business Support Network meeting. George went over the basics of the anti-spam legislation that will affect all business owners as of July 1st, 2014.

In case your not aware, the Canadian Government is enacting laws governing how we are able to communicate electronically. The intent of the law is to prevent those annoying e-mails and news letters we get for unsolicited products and information. However, it has implications for legitimate businesses.

The Anti-Spam Law:

Anti-Spam LawThe anti-spam law covers what it defines as Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM), and applies to all business interests with the exception of Continue reading Canadian Anti-Spam Law

RSVP and save in North Surrey

One of the things that Rapid Time Networks likes and George Moen advocates is for members to RSVP on Meetup
One of the things that Rapid Time Networks likes and George Moen advocates is for members to RSVP on Meetup



Today we had another great  Rapid Time Networks meeting at the Knight and Day Restaurant in Surrey.  We had a bit smaller crowd of just around 20 people out today but it’s not the size of the crowd that counts, it’s the quality of the people there and there were a lot of quality people there.

Robert Shular started out the meeting talking about The Board Meeting.  The Board Meeting is know as the best meeting of the week because Continue reading RSVP and save in North Surrey