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Do people know who you are?

No body is going to buy what you sell if they don’t know you exist. This can be one of the biggest challenges for start ups and new business ventures. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners relay on networking as means of attracting new customers, but still don’t manage to get the recognition they’re looking for. So how do you get noticed when you network?

Getting Noticed:

Showing up on a regular and consistent basis is probably the single most important thing you can do to get noticed. Most network meeting are comprised Continue reading Getting_Noticed

Great Crowd at RTN Surrey

The Great Crowd
The Crowd

This week was another great crowd at Rapid Time Networks Surrey.  One of the most encouraging things about Surrey is that even though we had about 20 people out today, over half of them were from Surrey.  We would like to welcome Jodie Dodd who was a guest of Petra Mayer.  Jody comes to us from the interior of BC.  Today we once again went Shu-less as Robert wasn’t able to attend.  Special thanks goes out to Simeon Garriott who stepped up and manned the front desk.

Networking Tip

This week’s networking tip brings us back to basics.   Continue reading Great Crowd at RTN Surrey

Know, Like, & Trust

Building that know, like, & trust relationship should be your #1 focus when networking:

We all purchase products and services from people we know, like, & trust. So what does that have to do with networking? A referral is very much like a sale. In fact, the person referring your product or service is acting as the sales conduit. If the potential client isn’t satisfied, it’s often the sales person that wears the dissatisfaction. Just as we buy from people we know, like, & trust, so we refer business to those we know, like, & trust.

You need to establish this know, like, and trust relationship before you can Continue reading Know, Like, & Trust

Networking – What’s In A Word

What Does it Really Take to Build a Network?

Building a network is crucial to being successful in business. The ability to effectively communicate with and sway people to your point of view often makes the difference between a highly successful or mediocre career. For the entrepreneur or small business owner, it can mean the difference between profitability or bankruptcy. It’s no wonder so many of us spend so much time at network meetings and functions, but how many of us actually understand what we’re trying to build? Continue reading Networking – What’s In A Word

Re-Tweet This

Tweet This


As a support post to our Tweet This In Surrey blog post, I thought that I would write a full post on what to tweet at the meetings and outside the meetings to get exposure.

Networking Tip – Re-Tweet This

One of the things that we do at our meetings each week is show a slide with a tweet that we suggest our audience send out.  This is a great way to Continue reading Re-Tweet This

Tweet This in Surrey

Tweet This Robert was back at the helm for this weeks meeting. It was supposed to be another video day but the room was double booked and the main part of the restaurant is way too noisy to get a quality video done so they have been postponed to next week.

Networking Tip – Tweet This

Each meeting we show a twitter post that we ask that the people in attendance tweet out about our meeting.  The problem is, Continue reading Tweet This in Surrey

Shu-less at RTN Surrey

Shu-less in Surrey

Shu-less in Surrey

This week Robert Shular wasn’t able to make it to our meeting, thus we went Shu-less.  For those who don’t know, Robert usually runs the show while Keven works behind the scenes.  This week we would like to thank Ridge Meadows Community Partner, Quinn Berry for helping out by running the registration desk.

We started out the meeting talking about the importance of vendor presentations.  What is shocking to me is Continue reading Shu-less at RTN Surrey

May 8 RTN in Surrey

Full House in Surrey
May 8 2014 Full House in Surrey

We had a great showing at our Rapid Time Networks meeting in Surrey on this week.  After months of talking about the importance of Meetup, we had 20 people RSVP this week and 22 people at the meeting including 5 guests.  The great thing about it is one of the guests found us on our new Fraser Valley Rapid Time Business Network site.

Robert started the show with his networking tip of the week.  Today he talked about your Value Proposition. Continue reading May 8 RTN in Surrey

May Day in Surrey


May 1st Networking Moment

May started out strong at the Surrey Rapid Time Networks meeting this morning.  Robert’s networking message talked about how getting referrals through networking is like farming.  It is a multi-step process.

Step 1 – Plowing the field.  It starts by showing up.  You aren’t going to get business by showing up just once.

Step 2 – Planting the seeds. You got to get to know people.  It’s not about selling to them, it’s about getting to know them on a personal level.

Step 3 – Cultivating the crop.   Continue reading May Day in Surrey