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And The Winner Is…

The Fraser Valley Meetup Contest Has It’s First Winner

There was an amazing turnout for the Ridge Meadows Rapid Time Networks meeting this morning.  It was great to see every Lower Mainland community represented today.  Even North Shore had Jane Langton represent.  For those who aren’t aware, the North Shore community meet at the same time as the Ridge Meadows community, so this is a big thing.

Quinn Berry ran a great meeting with vendor presentations by Lucy Barber, Mike Kelly, Roswyn Nelson and Anne Whitmore.  I write more about these amazing vendors later this week after the Surrey Rapid Time Networks meeting as they are all presenting there too.

All of the people who presented this week are people who generously donated a prize to the contest.  In fact, all of the vendors who will present at both Ridge Meadows and Surrey from now until the end of September will all be people who gave us a donation to our draw.

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