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Technology Trends

In Last Weeks BIV Technology Trends column, Cybele Negris gave us her Eight Business Technology Trends that will Dominate 2016. Here is my take on three of them:

Mobile Matters More:

Cell Phone TechnologyJeff Stark of QR Mobile Marketing has been telling us for quite some time of the importance of being Mobile Ready. In support of this, Cybele quotes some pretty powerful statistics.

•In 2015 Mobile Searches overtook Desktop Searches
•July Report from ComScore has Canadians spending the majority of their digital activity on Mobile
•30% of on-line purchases are now Mobile

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about the importance of your Mobile Presence, this should be a reality check. Get mobile or get left behind.

The Device Mesh: Internet of Things Continues to Grow:

Device mesh refers to the way we are interconnecting things using the internet. What was SciFi 10 years ago is today’s reality. Continue reading Technology Trends