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Online Content

Online Content 2People read content for two reason; to learn something, or to be entertained.

In his post: How to Create Content That Outranks Your Competitor’s Content Marketing Guru, Neil Patel says:


“Inbound marketing boils down to creating useful and engaging content, solving problems for the target audience, and then building relationships with those users along the way.”

Here are five must dos if you want to build and maintain an online audience for your content:

Create Compelling Content:

Make sure you understand and write to your target audience. Your content needs to hit home with them. Do your research Continue reading Online Content

Getting Noticed Online

Online 1The face of business has changed drastically over the past 10 years. We’ve moved the majority of our shopping activities online. While the actual online purchases have yet to overtake in-store shopping,  traditional advertising such as fliers and Yellow Pages has given way to self directed online research. If your in business these days, you have to be online.

Not only do you have to have to be online, but you also need to be visible. Unless you rely solely on word of mouth referrals, this means showing up in the search engine results. So how can the small business owner do this on a budget?

Here are what a number of the experts are saying Continue reading Getting Noticed Online