Surrey Board of Trade

Surrey board of trade

What is the Surrey Board of Trade?

The Surrey Board of Trade represents more than 2,100 businesses in and around the Surrey area.  The Surrey Board of trade has many purposes.  On behalf of its members it:

  • is an advocate at all levels of government
  • facilitate networking opportunities
  • provide cost-saving benefits and marketing opportunities.

The Surrey Board of Trade is a not-for-profit organization with a goal of furthering the interests of businesses in our region.

Their membership is comprised of individuals in many sectors of the economy.

Originally the Regional Surrey Chamber of Commerce, they changed their name to the Surrey Chamber of Commerce in 1997 and then the Surrey Board of Trade in 2006.

To learn more of what the Surrey Board of Trade is all about, go to

The Surrey Board of Trade has many events to promote local businesses and networking opportunities.  Some of these include:

They also run a number of events to recognize people and businesses in Surrey.  Some of these include:


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